About Me

Data Engineer with a strong experience managing complex production operations, with expertise in distributed systems and databases.

I like to solve complex problems around delivering real time infrastructure in perpetual growth, and maintains some of the core pieces of large-scale production architecture serving 200B+ events daily.

Some of the technologies I work with include Kafka, Aerospike, Redis, Memcache, and I like to program in Python, Ruby and Go.

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» Talk Recordings

· Pushing Your Streaming Platform to the Limit – Conf42 Chaos Engineering [2024] [Full]

· Let’s Make Your CFO Happy; A Practical Guide for Cost Reduction – HayaData 2022 [2022] [Full]

· Let’s Make Your CFO Happy; A Practical Guide for Kafka Cost Reduction – AerospikeTLV: Streaming and Querying Data [2022] [Full]

· Let’s Make Your CFO Happy; A Practical Guide for Kafka Cost Reduction – Kafka Summit London 2022 [Eng] [2022]
· Kafka: Revolution to Evolution – DataOps Meetup: Conquering Data with Kafka & Airflow [Heb] [2020] [Full]
· Kafka Lag Monitoring For Human Beings – Kafka Summit 2020 [Eng] [2020] [Full]
· Handling Increasing Load and Reducing Costs During COVID-19 Crisis [Heb] [2020] [10m]
· Migrating from BitBucket to GitLab – GitlabCommit San Francisco 2020 [Eng] [2020] [Full]
· What can you learn from the biggest automation company in the world? [Eng] [2019] [Ignite]
· AppsFlyer’s Case Study of GitLab [Heb] [2018] [Full]

» Blog Posts

· Know Your Limits: Cluster Benchmarks
· Apache Kafka Lag Monitoring at AppsFlyer
· GitLab: The Magic of System Hooks
· My journey from Python to Go
· Personal Blog [Heb]

» Translated Blog Posts

· My journey from Python to Go [Chinese – InfoQ][Russian – Habr]

· A Practical Guide for Kafka Cost Reduction [Chinese – InfoQ]

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Talks abstract

Here you can find all my talks abstracts